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Monday, July 26, 2010

Ok Something is Queer About Big Ben!?! [(And I'm Back :)]

This picture says it all...


Lol i released my inner wraith at the Big Ben battle :]

As you probably know, the final battle of Big Ben includes Meowiarty, an Agony Wraith, and a Clockwork wizard. Here is the link to the wiki site: http://wizard101.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Ben

My wraith and i again :) He made me fizzle ":(

Also in Big Ben i learned how to float lol (you can find this glitch in many different places such as Vladimir Darkflame's place in The Labyrinth (only after you beat him in battle though)

Now i am also back from my vacation. We went to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. My whole family goes every year. It was a blast!! :)

)The Death Dominator

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Poll almost done!!!

Ok sorry for my absence from blogoshpere :(. I had lime disease and was focusing on playing not blogging but i am working on a post to give you an update on who my characters are.

Anyway the main premises of this post is to say that there are only 3 days until the poll is done!

The poll is "What is your favorite school of magic?"

So cya in the spiral

)The Death Dominator

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Personal Wizard Updates

Well hello wizards!
I thought i would start of by introducing all my wizards to you:

Wolf Talespear- Grandmaster Necromancer (who just got oakheart's hat ;D):

Kane talespear level eighteen ice wizard(just created):

Ian Talespear level eight balance wizard(also a new family member):

And thats my family!

)The Death Dominator

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have lime disease :(

Well wizards the tittle says it all...

It all started when i fell asleep while counseling a camp.

Then i got aches and paines throughout my whole body

I went to the doctor's and got four vials of my blood draw... NOT FUN

I am thinking this will be my wizard101 break for now :-{

In the future i will give a tutorial on how to play to wizard101 accounts at the same time on the same computer!

)The Death Dominator

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Goldenbrand Challenge!

I have decided of my 2 new wizards that one of them shall try to complete in the rough n' tough........................................................................................


This is basically a test of friendship with other wizards or having multiple accounts.

The premises of the challenge is to reach level 40 without doing ANY storyline quests!!!!

This challenge originated on wizard101 central some time ago and i never decided to participate in it, but times change and now i have an interest in it :)

The lucky participant is........ KANE TALESPEAR!!!!

He is very brave to compete in this.... LOL

Cya in the spiral

)The Death Dominator

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hello fellow wizards!!!

While trying to mix a level 48 hybrid pet( fail :( i got another wraith sooo much time and effort wasted :'( )i think i found a way to know if your pet is a hybrid or just your regular old 48 mix pet.....

when you mix a pet it says that it will take "x" amount f time to hatch right?

well i noticed that my second wraith took 18 hours to hatch. Well from photos of other people's level 48 hybrid pets take 24 hours to hatch!

So, if you press no this isn't ok if the amount of time says "somethimg other than 24 i think you won't get a reguar pet!!!

So try again with the same person( maybe on a different sigel?)and see if you get a hybrid!

If this doesn't work with the same person then, try it with another wizard.

Please tell me if this doesn't work :P.

)The Death Dominaor

Sunday, July 4, 2010



Wow i left for what 8 days and i come back to this??? Wow soooo many updates :)

-Celestia prequest in the test realms (should be fun need to log in though...)

-the long awaited grizzleheim houses :P

-and many many more fun suprises!!!

)the Death Dominator!