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Monday, July 26, 2010

Ok Something is Queer About Big Ben!?! [(And I'm Back :)]

This picture says it all...


Lol i released my inner wraith at the Big Ben battle :]

As you probably know, the final battle of Big Ben includes Meowiarty, an Agony Wraith, and a Clockwork wizard. Here is the link to the wiki site: http://wizard101.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Ben

My wraith and i again :) He made me fizzle ":(

Also in Big Ben i learned how to float lol (you can find this glitch in many different places such as Vladimir Darkflame's place in The Labyrinth (only after you beat him in battle though)

Now i am also back from my vacation. We went to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. My whole family goes every year. It was a blast!! :)

)The Death Dominator

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Bailey said...

Hey Wolf :D Are you really back? I havent seen ya yet. I'm glad all is well and that you had a good time on your vacay!