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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hello fellow wizards!!!

While trying to mix a level 48 hybrid pet( fail :( i got another wraith sooo much time and effort wasted :'( )i think i found a way to know if your pet is a hybrid or just your regular old 48 mix pet.....

when you mix a pet it says that it will take "x" amount f time to hatch right?

well i noticed that my second wraith took 18 hours to hatch. Well from photos of other people's level 48 hybrid pets take 24 hours to hatch!

So, if you press no this isn't ok if the amount of time says "somethimg other than 24 i think you won't get a reguar pet!!!

So try again with the same person( maybe on a different sigel?)and see if you get a hybrid!

If this doesn't work with the same person then, try it with another wizard.

Please tell me if this doesn't work :P.

)The Death Dominaor

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M.W.S said...

It's just because your Death. So, it will have the appearance of your school.